Music, the art of writing and playing, has always been able to get people together. However, it has sometimes divided people into different groups or ideals.

So, what happens when three musicians all from different continents immerse themselves into African culture?

Ashè’s debut album Communiqué means gratitude and is communication, both represented thanks to the common passion for powerful eclectic world music.

Experienced musicians Cees van der Linden from the Netherlands, Marcel Adjibi from Benin and Martin Flores from the U.S. and others collaborating, bring you Ashè; a band formed by three sincerely talented friends with soul, love and music creativity.

Communiqué is vibrant, upbeat and sometimes contemplative, with a strong message of hope.

Marcel, Cees and Martin believe that it is essential for people to communicate and to be aware of their lives’ meaning.

With lyrics in English, French and Goun, Communiqué hits you with joy and positive energy, that will either make your head bop or give you a serious work-out on the dance floor.